October Lunch at Matilda Bay Brewery

Our recent October Lunch was held at the Matilda Bay Brewery. In the early 90’s Matilda Bay Brewing Company became a part of the CUB family – an arrangement that would see the beers reach truly national distribution. The Matilda Bay Brewery is now located to an old renovated Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Bertie St Port Melbourne, which includes a bar & restaurant located smack, bang, in the middle of the brewery. A large group of lunch attendees were given an special presentation by CUB on how Australian pubs compare to international benchmarks and what are some of the more recent trends emerging across the industry. Paddy O’Sullivan from the Australian Hotels Association, Victoria – AHA (Vic) discussed possible scenarios as a result of the coming State election and ways to the AHA can assist to publicans to achieve favourable business outcomes. We’d like to thanks our host Barney Mathews and friendly staff for great service and outstanding meals and refreshments.

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